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Peoples Gas Grass

Posted on 12/11/2012 by Maggie Marystone in landscaping before & after

It is the Murphy's Law of front-yard landscaping in Chicago: right after you make any improvement, some utility company will necessarily arrive and tear up your hard work. Months ago, Peoples Gas replaced a gas line in the neighborhood and had to (barely) dig up some of our front lawn. We didn't think they'd ever come back, so we sprinkled some grass seed and hoped for the best. It grew...sort of.

Imagine our surprise the other day when we heard a rumble outside and looked out the window to see Peoples Gas completely removing all the grass from the front yard.  

I went outside and asked what was going on.  All the laborer knew was that our lawn was marked (by white spray paint around the perimeter of the front yard) for replacement.   

I asked if they could dig up the two concrete post foundations while they were at it.

"No," replied the laborer.

"Please?" I responded.

"We'll see," said the laborer.;

"Can I get you anything?  Water? A Coke?"

"No....well, a Coke?  Make it two. I'll give one to the other guy."

So I delivered two cold cans of Pepsi, and ninety seconds later, they had removed both of those concrete post foundations.  You may recall that Brad dug up one of them himself this summer.  It took him 3 hours and a case of beer.  (Kidding; only 2 beers.)

Here's the new lawn:


Much better. I can't wait until spring when all the tulips and daffodils we planted will show their faces. We still need some more bushes - or something else to cover up the foundation, but that can wait until next year.


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