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Modern kitchen design at Rural King

Posted on 1/22/2013 by Maggie Marystone in inspiration products afterphotos kitchen

Every time the Chiasso catalog arrives, I look for barstools for the kitchen island. Unless you're right in front of the stove on one of those cushiony mats, standing on hard bamboo for any length of time can make your feet hurt.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it has proved to be a natural gathering place when we have visitors, so we've been on the hunt for some nice, affordable barstools since the day we moved in.

Red ones.

I do love Chiasso - we got our mailbox and house numbers from them. And they have nice barstools, but they're pricey.  The cheapest ones are $148 a pop.  

Here are a few I like: the Aldo, the Swizzle, and the Galore at $248.

Aldo bar/counter stool from ChiassoSwizzle Barstool from ChiassoGalore barstool from Chiasso

When it came down to it, we weren't ready to drop $450+ on barstools, so two years after moving in, we still didn't have any.  Until now...

This weekend, we were nearing the cash registers at Rural King in Jasper, Indiana when Brad saw them.  He pointed; my eyes followed, and there they were.  Our long quest was over.

Behold the Case IH Farmall Garage Stool. And be blown away by the $39.99 price tag!  Just look at this beauty:

Case IH Farmall Garage Stool

That chrome!  That vinyl! Those logos!  We bought two.  Now that they're assembled and in place, I think we need a third. Rural King, I love you.


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