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Landscaping This Abandoned House

Posted on 10/10/2012 by Maggie Marystone in exterior afterphotos landscaping

Here's a quick update on some landscaping efforts we have made over the past few months. We started with a mud pit. Trash is a constant problem in the front. Note the Corona bottle and plastic cup in this shot of Java meeting a neighbor dog. Bit by bit, though, things have improved. We (mostly Brad) made a picnic table and chairs, built a deck, assembled a fire table and planted many plants.

First came the tulips

We planted these tulips last fall, and they came and were gone by April.  


On Easter, we built the deck



Fire table

The unassembled fire table was delivered straight to the garage.


Picnic table



And some plants



Other stuff

We have continued planting (tulips, daffodils, bee balm, Montauk daisy, and the Maggie Daley, among others).  I'm starting to see the wisdom of Brad's approach - just do what you can, bit by bit, and it will all turn out.  For someone who likes to have everything all planned out, this was difficult, but each project makes me love the yard even more.  Future projects include setting up some kind of sound system for the back yard and building some planters for growing vegetables next summer.


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