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DIY corrugated metal garden planter

Posted on 6/13/2013 by Maggie Marystone in exterior DIY landscaping corrugated metal garden planter

After browsing Pinterest for corrugated metal garden planters for way longer than you might think necessary, we finally made one ourselves. It seemed like it would be a small project compared to the deck, but it took longer than any other project we've embarked upon so far.

Step 1

Brad has the plans in his head. I have learned to trust this. 

Step 2

Materials check. We already had some left over siding from the house and a bunch of 2x4s generously donated by friends over at the Emma Goldman Co-op. We needed:

  • more wood
  • a bit that cuts metal for the circular saw
  • resin to seal the inside of the box
  • deck stain

materials for the planter

Step 3

Build the box.  

building the frame for the planter

Step 4

After drilling drainage holes in the bottom, we painted the inside with resin.  

applying resin to the inside of the planter box

Step 5

Drill a big hole for a hose.

Hole for a hose

Step 6

Add some wood to the top. Don't ask me about mitered corners. Somehow Brad managed to make them despite a complete lack of the necessary tools. This is why you should pay attention in geometry.

wood around the top of the planter

Step 7

Cut the corrugated metal for the sides of the planter. Very loud and sparky.

cutting the corrugated metal for the sides of the planter

Step 8

Attach the corrugated metal to the sides of the planter. 

attaching the corrugated metal to the sides of the planter box

Step 9

Sand the rough edges of the wood, paint the top and corner pieces.

painting the top of the corrugated metal garden box

Step 10

We attached the corner pieces, which we made using brackets we had lying around. Then we moved the planter to the area we prepared for it and filled it up with a layer of gravel and then lots and lots of Bacto garden mix.  Currently in the planter are: okra, green beans, brussel sprouts, eggplant, and tomatoes. 

corrugated metal garden planter

All in all, this was a really fun project, and I'm 100% satisfied with the results. Grow, little veggies!


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