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Posted on 4/18/2013 by Maggie Marystone in planning products Projects pests

Last month, I refinanced the house to take advantage of the super-low interest rates. The application process included a termite inspection, an appraisal, and an inspection by a construction expert from my lender. All 3 inspections happened on the same day, one right after the other.

Since the house was essentially built in 2010 (major renovation), we weren’t expecting any issues, but we were definitely interested in the results of the reports. I remember the termite problem we had in the house where I grew up. It wasn’t pretty. Those little buggers can do some serious damage, and you likely won’t know it until it’s too late unless you have an inspection by a licensed, reputable pest control service.

The termite guy was hilarious.  He is the self-proclaimed Ace Ventura of pest inspectors, and he wasn’t very far off.  He had a real Jim Carrey vibe.  This guy talked non-stop and was certainly entertaining.  He inspected the exterior of the house, the foundation, the crawlspace, and the garage.  No evidence of termites anywhere!  

Here’s a sentence about termites from Wikipedia that makes my skin crawl:

Termite colonies use decentralized, self-organized systems of activity guided by swarm intelligence which exploit food sources and environments unavailable to any single insect acting alone.”

If there’s one thing I don’t want in my house, it’s an intelligent swarm.  And, if I had to guess, neither do you, which is why every homeowner should get a pest inspection at least once a year by a professional.

Why a professional?  Because they’re the pest experts!

  • They know what to look for and what to do if they find evidence of termites or other bugs in your house.
  • Perhaps more importantly, they can help protect your house from future damage and infestations.
  • Regular pest inspections will save you from the horror of roaches and bedbugs and fleas (oh my!) and other unmentionable beasties that are unhealthy for humans and pets.
  • When it comes time to sell your house, you will be confident that the buyer’s pest inspection will reveal that you have taken good care of your home.

Seriously, you’re good at a lot of things, but pest inspection probably isn’t one of them.  Leave it to the experts.


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