Check out our whole house renovation!

Hi, I'm Maggie and that's Brad.  Just after we met in 2008, I applied to buy a vacant and abandoned house from the City of Chicago. We closed on the house in 2009 and began a total gut-rehab in 2010. 

Neither of us knew what we were getting into, but here we are three years later and we think it turned out pretty well! 

During the renovation process, we looked at  a LOT of interior design and architecture blogs. We had such a good time looking at everyone's "Before & After" photos, so we decided to share ours, too!

Other people did most of the work

Buying and renovating a house on a budget wasn't easy.  We are forever grateful to everyone who helped, most especially our architect, Patrick Thompson of Manske Dieckmann Thompson and our contractor Cezary Szopinski of ECI Construction. Without those guys, This Abandoned House would still be abandoned, and we would still be freezing in a third floor walk-up.

More renovation photos

Visit our blog for more details on how we went from a leaky, abandoned house to architectural renderings to our new home! For more photos, check out the Gallery!

Our Roommates

We share our house with Java, a 6.4 lb Papillon and Jetson, our 17 lb cat. Guess who's boss.